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Basics of a Dental Implant

Picture of dental implants before and after photos showing bare gums with teeth missing.Almost 70 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one tooth from decay, gum disease, or injury. This number continues to rise with age; by age 74, over a quarter of adults have lost all of their natural teeth. Failure to replace missing teeth will result in steady, persistent bone loss and adversely affect your appearance as well as your health. There are a few different treatment options to choose from, but dental implants are considered the best long-term replacement solution for missing teeth. Dr. Michael Marcus restores dental implants at his practice in Chicago Loop.

Dental implants are now widely regarded as the best tooth replacement treatment option available. In most cases, dentists will recommend implants over alternatives like fixed bridges or partial dentures. These traditional treatments either rest on your gums, as is the case with removable dentures, or rely upon adjacent teeth to serve as anchors for fixed bridges. Because implants are fused with the jaw bone, they offer a long-term replacement option that has proven to be very effective.

One reason that dentists like Dr. Marcus often prefer their patients receive dental implants is because alternative treatments like dentures and fixed bridges are known to cause future complications. Removable dentures can initiate bone loss, which impacts facial structure and may loosen or alter denture fit. Dentures that do not fit properly are prone to making disconcerting clicking sounds when the wearer is eating or talking. As for fixed bridges, since they are secured by grinding down the abutments (remaining teeth), they can put healthy teeth in jeopardy, sometimes even leading to more missing teeth. Despite potential complications over time, these treatments are still safe and viable, if not as effective as implants.

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