Crowns and Bridges

As a cosmetic dentist in Chicago Loop, Dr. Michael Marcus offers many treatments designed to restore the look and functionality of your teeth. A dental crown or bridge can be used to change a tooth’s shape, strength, size, or appearance. To change the look of your tooth, Dr. Marcus will “crown” the affected tooth by fitting a snug cap over the entire visible portion.

Dr. Marcus may recommend using a dental crown in the situations outlined below:

• To hold the pieces of a cracked tooth together or stopping a weak tooth from breaking.

• To support and cover it in cases where the patient has a large filling and little of the natural tooth remains.

• A dental crown may be used to improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile by putting it over a discolored or misshapen tooth.

• A crown can be used to secure a dental bridge.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Dr. Marcus typically performs crown treatments in two or three visits. During the first visit, he prepares the tooth for a crown and takes X-rays to confirm that the root of the tooth and the surrounding bone can support it. A significantly decayed tooth might require a root canal before Dr. Marcus can crown it. Providing that the tooth is healthy enough to proceed, Dr. Marcus will begin the procedure by numbing the tooth and bordering gum tissue. From there, the tooth is reshaped and an impression is taken, which will later be used to manufacture the dental crown. During the next visit, Dr. Marcus will check the gum tissue to ensure that it is healthy enough to sustain the dental crown. If so, the crown will then be fitted and cemented in place.


Unlike a dental crown, bridges are used to replace missing teeth by cementing a false tooth to the surrounding teeth. A bridge literally bridges the gap between missing teeth by using crowns on either side of it. The anchoring teeth that hold the false tooth in place are called abutment teeth. During the first visit, Dr. Marcus prepares these teeth for their crowns by removing enamel to make room for them. Once the tooth is reshaped, he takes an impression that will later be used to create the bridge.

If you are interested in learning more about dental crowns or bridges and you need a cosmetic dentist in the Chicago Loop area, please call Dr. Marcus's office at (312) 241-1328 to schedule a consultation.

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