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Dr. Michael Marcus

Although Dr. Michael Marcus graduated in 1987 from Loyola University School of Dentistry, his education has been ongoing as he stays updated on the latest advances in dental medicine. When he’s not in the office caring for patients he is attending seminars or workshops on the latest technology, techniques and dental equipment. He understands that the more he learns, the more he can help his patients.

Dr. Michael Marcus is currently a member of the American Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, Illinois State Dental Society, Seattle Study Club, the Academy of Computerized Dentistry of North America, Cranial Academy (a specialty branch of osteopathic medicine) and the International Academy of Laser Dentistry.

His focus is on your dental health and well-being, which means he makes sure everything is working correctly and feels good, giving patients healthy mouths and beautiful smiles. He wants to make sure your teeth feel as good as they look, and doesn’t want anything to hurt! 

Dr. David Marcus

Dr. David Marcus graduated from Loyola University College of Dental Surgery and has been in private practice in the Chicago Loop since 1968.

He is a member of the American Dental Association, Chicago Dental Society, and Cranial Academy (a specialty branch of Osteopathetic medicine). Dr. David Marcus is also a member and senior advisor for the Chicago Periodontal Limited Study Club (a subsidiary of the Seattle Study Club).

He focuses on acquiring skills in the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Problems (TMJ) and Myofascial Pain Dysfunction (MPD) (head and neck pain). He strives to give his patients complete dental health and to keep them pain-free.

Marcus Dental Practice is led by Dr. David Marcus and his son, both of whom continue their education to stay current on the latest treatment and technologies in dental care. They uniquely integrate the newest information into their solid foundation of successful patient care. 
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